I started powerlifting this year and so far it is a lot of fun. I did not think that I would enjoy it that much, but it has already really grown on me. I get to spend time with my friends and I get to make new friends and it is a really awesome experience. Also we finally got enough girls to make a whole team which is very exciting. I am nervous for how busy I will become because I will be doing powerlifting and also helping backstage with the tech crew for our school  musical this year, Guys and Dolls. It does make it easier that I have my license and a nice car to be able to drive myself where I need to go because that would be such a hassle for my parents especially when I will be this busy. I will be very tired, but I am positive that this will help me obtain my very hectic highschool experience. Not to mention piling on all of my school work before both of my holiday breaks. Wish me luck because I am going to need it 🙂