This past Saturday, I went to represent KR with the rest of the girls powerlifting team at Kenton high school. All around the girl’s team finished in 3rd place and the boy’s powerlifting team finished in 4th place. As an individual I finished in 4th place in my weight class. After our long day lifting, the team took a trip to Taco Bell and our great coach promised to by our food if we got 3rd place or higher. (free food? AWESOME!) I am sad to say that this year’s powerlifting season has ended and I already miss it so much. I miss my team and I miss having fun with all of my friends and new friends that I made through the sport. I cannot wait to continue building my strength throughout the summer and for our next powerlifting season next winter. It is also very exciting that for the next season I will be a senior. While I have you reading this whole thing I need new ideas for my blog posts. I will take any ideas! Just leave me a comment and I’ll consider it 🙂